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What Is The Difference In Packaging ?

Starting January 2022 , We will be switching our packaging structure to a Tier system to help patients identify the quality structure @ 710 Diamond Co . This Tier system should give good guidance to which products are our top products . Below we will describe how the tier system will work for both 710 Diamond Co and our crc company Land Of Hash Co(LoHco). Retail pricing will reflect the tier system .

Non CRC -
710 Diamond Co


CRC - Sister Company

Durban Poison 2.png

Private Reserve


Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3 - Discount Tier

Small Batch Fresh Frozen - The Best Of The Best Hand Selected  By The Owner - Very Limited

Terps on the rocks / Live Resin / Live Sugars / Live Badders - All produced with Top Quality Fresh Frozen 

Live Resin /Live  Sugars / Live Badders 



Live Resin / Sugars / Badders / Crumble / Budders

(Produced in volume)


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